The Sector

A sector inserted in the world market, with development and growth


Brazil, the largest country in Latin America and considered the fifth largest wine producer in the southern hemisphere, is increasingly attracting international interest. In the last 15 years, the Brazilian wine industry has made major investments in technological innovations and in the management of vineyards, resulting in labels of excellent quality, recognized by more than 3,000 international awards.


    • Brazil, a market of opportunities for the wine segment;
    • World reference in sparkling wines;
    • 3.000+ international awards;
    • 5th largest wine producer in the Southern Hemisphere;
    • 363 million liters produced of wine, sparkling wines, juices and other grape products;
    • 13% growth in domestic sales in 2017;
    • Export to 39 countries;
    • 36% growth in imports in 2017;
    • 125 million liters of imported wine.