Exhibitor alert

We also warn you that no external agents are authorized to propose, receive and carry out any type of advertising, free or costly, on behalf of Wine South America . All promotional activities are carried out directly by Milanez & Milaneze S/A.

EXPO GUIDE, FAIR GUIDE, EVENT FAIR, INTERNATIONAL FAIRS DIRECTORY or any other company has never been authorized by Milanez & Milaneze to use the name and / or logo of the event, the data relating to the exhibiting companies, as well as they were never responsible for any type of advertising on behalf of Milanez & Milaneze.

Billet Fraud

We alert all of our customers that fake bills are being distributed irregularly on behalf of Milanez & Milaneze S/A.

This type of scam has existed for several years and, in this specific case, works as follows: criminals get in touch with the exhibitors at our fairs and introduce themselves as the Financial Department and inform about the replacement of slips. Stay tuned! Avoid this scam!

Make sure that all charges on behalf of Milanez & Milaneze S/A, has been sent from the domain@milanezmilaneze.com.br. Disregard too many charges that have not been made in this way, as they are FALSE.

We also emphasize that any information related to Milanez & Milaneze S/A targeted by email originate only from our domain@milanezmilaneze.com.br.

In case of doubts, contact us by phone (27) 3434-0600 or by e-mail financial@milanezmilaneze.com.br

Thanks for understanding.