Media Kit

In order to increase the publicity results and to increase the participation of its company in Wine South America, through a strategic communication, with extensive exhibition of the brand and high impact in the visiting public, we offer to the exhibitors some promotional tools, as follows:


  • Include in the e-mail signature of the company's employees the logo of the event, inviting its clients to visit it at Wine South America. This can help generate viral marketing;
  • Send personalized electronic invitations with your company logo through the restricted access area to the exhibitor;
  • Include the promotional banner of the event on your company's website and in marketing emails;
  • Include the event's promotional banner in your company's ads (talk to your agency);
  • Send information about your participation, for insertion in the website of the event and in releases to be distributed to the press.
  • More information through email: imprensa@winesa.com.br